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Your Canadian Souviner Souce Works For You.


Tilley of Canada is your premier source of Canadian made quality souvenirs.

 We offer five distinctly different categories of product lines.

 “Leatherworks” is the category upon which our reputation has been built since 1937. “Tilley” is the original deerskin supplier and has expanded to include many other leathers. We feature embossed Canadian motifs and free town-name stamping.

 “Rockworks” features Inuksuks which are fast becoming the international symbol of Canada. We offer Inuksuks in both rock and glass. Each piece is original, one-of-a-kind, and made here in Canada. Household gift items are also offered.

 “Glassworks” features Canadian motifs and wildlife “frozen” in glass. Also popular, are our glass balls crowned with pewter ornaments. And of course, the ever popular glass Inuksuk.

 “Woodworks” includes our collection of rosewood and maple wood pens and knives. Each piece is custom engraved.

 “Suedeworks” features native Canadian designs fashioned in various colours of suede.